I have Type 2 diabetes, would DAFNE be suitable for me?

I have Type 2 diabetes, would DAFNE be suitable for me? DAFNE was developed for people with Type 1 diabetes and as such is not appropriate for people with Type 2 diabetes. There is no eviden… read more

I've been adjusting my own insulin for years, so why should I do DAFNE?

Many people who have been on a DAFNE course say this before they complete their DAFNE programme. Some people with Type 1 diabetes have learnt over many years of private trial and error how … read more

Why can't I do DAFNE myself, do I really need to attend a course?

DAFNE is a package that includes not only the patient course but includes support from experienced healthcare professionals; plus the entire DAFNE programme includes lots of measures to ens… read more

Can I really eat what I want?

Yes, except for having sugary drinks you can adjust your insulin to cover anything you choose to have. DAFNE allows people to eat what they want when they want; this includes not eating if y… read more

How is DAFNE different from what I already do?

It is different because it enables you to be much more precise with your insulin doses, and allows for much more flexibility then other current insulin regimes. Back to FAQs read more

I thought carbohydrate counting was an old approach?

Yes it was, but in the past it was used in order to control and regulate the amount of carbohydrate in people's diet. People were told how much carbohydrate to eat during the day to match f… read more

What happens if I can't get time off work to attend the course?

Some employers allow people to have paid time off work to attend and a letter is available to explain the benefit to employers. Some have chosen to arrange annual leave for the week.Managin… read more

My blood glucose control is already quite good; do I need to do DAFNE?

Improving blood glucose control is only one of the benefits of DAFNE.DAFNE has been proven to improve the negative impact that diabetes may have on quality of life. DAFNE may be able to give… read more

Is it dangerous to mess about with my insulin?

No. The DAFNE course is delivered over a 5-day period. During this time participants practice dose adjustment at lunch times with the group. During the evenings participants are encouraged t… read more

If I improve my blood glucose control won't I have more hypos?

The experience from DAFNE and from the original courses in Germany show that severe hypos are less frequent. Mild hypos will not be unusual and glucose treatment is aimed to be much more eff… read more

What if DAFNE is not for me?

It is important that everyone has a choice. The majority of people would find the DAFNE regime suitable, but some may prefer not to take the option.A few people who have attended a DAFNE cou… read more

Will I put on weight?

Overall some people will lose weight and some will gain weight. The freedom of food choices will allow you to eat like anyone without diabetes. It can help with weight management because you… read more

I am planning a pregnancy can DAFNE help?

It is important to have good diabetes control before conception; the DAFNE regime can help to achieve this because of the flexibility. Back to FAQs read more

What are the benefits of the DAFNE approach?

DAFNE has been proven to: Improve blood glucose control without an increased risk of severe hypoglycaemia.Reduce the negative impact of diabetes on quality of life.Improve treatment satisfa… read more