DAFNE is committed to making its services accessible to all.

Keyboard Controls

We have included the following keyboard controls:

  • Left arrow key - previous page
  • Right arrow key - next page
  • Up arrow key - scroll down
  • Down arrow key - scroll up
  • Tab key - scroll through links and text inputs

Access Keys

We have included the following access keys:

  • 1 - Home page
  • 2 - Latest News
  • 3 - Site map
  • 4 - Search
  • 5 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • 6 - Help
  • 7 - Toggle Text
  • 8 - Disclaimer
  • 9 - Feedback form
  • 0 - Text Only

To use access keys with JavaScript disabled, follow these guidelines:

  • Windows users: Press "ALT" plus the listed access key
  • Mac users: Press "Control" plus the listed access key
  • Pressing "Enter" will then take you to the page

Text Only

A text-only version of the DAFNE website is available which contains all of the text from the website, but does not show any graphics, images or photographs. To access the text only version, click on the "Text Only" link, which is in the top left-hand corner of the site.

Text Size

The site offers 2 default text sizes (as well as those offered by most internet browsers). Click the 'text size' link to toggle the text size.

PDF Files

Many of the PDF documents available on our website have been created using later versions of Adobe Acrobat, either version 6.0 or the newly released 7.0. If you have difficulties opening our documents, this may be because you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your pc.

The latest version, version 7.0, can be downloaded free from the Adobe website

Adobe can also help you access content using assistive technologies such as screen readers or screen magnifiers. You can link to the Access Adobe website for information on making these documents accessible.

W3C Compliance

The DAFNE website has been designed in accordance with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) internationally recognised Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines.


If you would like to offer suggestions for improvement, please use our feedback form