Feedback from people that have completed a DAFNE course has been universally positive.


"My blood sugars had been very erratic, with several hypos while at work as a receptionist at Sheffield Children's Hospital. I had a severe hypo during the night requiring the help of paramedics. It took them five hours to bring me round. This had happened three times before I got onto a DAFNE course. Since doing DAFNE my life has changed completely. I have not had any major hypos."

"Hypos were a real problem for me and my family. My wife was on first name terms with the paramedics because they were out to me so often. My wife hasn't had to call them out once since I did DAFNE, not even once."

"My HbA1c was 14.1% prior to DAFNE. I attended the course 2 years ago and as a result my HbA1c is now 6.8%. I have just fallen pregnant after nearly 5 years of trying and I'm convinced that my now perfect control has helped this to happen. My eyesight has also now stabilised - thank goodness!"

"My bottom line in life is to function and DAFNE gives me that ability. For me, it is not a diabetic treatment initiative, it is my life. It informs my hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly decisions; continually improving my health and my contribution to life. I have lost weight and vastly improved my blood glucose control. Together, DAFNE and I are delivering the best results in diabetic care I've experienced in 25 years."

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Last Updated: 29/01/2014