There were 8 DAFNE training programmes planned during 2016, providing a total of 124 training places for healthcare professionals .  

A training place will only be offered upon receipt of full payment or the provision of a purchase order together with the submission of an application form.

Training courses are based on a minimum of 12 delegates attending.  Should the number of delegates fall below this there is a risk the course may be cancelled.  Central DAFNE will keep you updated should this happen.

The DAFNE educator programme (DEP) and DAFNE doctor programme (DDP) involve orientation and pre course reading.  Click here to view the reference list.


There are four healthcare professional training programmes offered by DAFNE:

(1) DAFNE educator programme (DEP) 2017

Programme (1) - 14th-16th February and 20th April 2017, Ruby Room, Premier Inn Euston, London (course full)

Peer review dates - 20th-24th March and 27th-31st March 2017

Places available: 0

Programme (2)6th-8th June and 10th August 2017, Leopold Hotel, Sheffield (course full)

Peer review dates 10th-14th July and 17th-21st July 2017

Programme (3) - 19th-21st September and 23 November 2017, Priory Street Centre, York

Peer review dates - 23rd-27th October and 30th October-3rd November 2017

Places available: 8


Click here for application form DAFNE educator programme (DEP)


Cost of DEP with external peer review (centres' without a trained DAFNE educator to carry out the peer review role)

1 educator - £2,360.00

2 educators - £2,715.00


Cost of DEP with internal peer review (centres' with a trained DAFNE educator who can carry out the peer review role)

1 educator - £1,060.00

2 educators - £1,715.00

(2) DAFNE doctor programme (DDP) 2017

Programme (1) - 2nd March 2017, Edinburgh (course full)

Programme (2) - 10th May 2017, London (course full)

Programme (3)4th July 2017, Leopold Hotel, Sheffield

Places available: 5

Programme (4) - 15th November 2017, Priory Street Centre, York

Places available: 11


Click here for application form DAFNE doctor programme (DDP)

When a doctor observes a DAFNE course an observation record form must be completed by the DAFNE educators delivering the course; this is required as evidence of observation and will need to be submitted along with your DDP application (the observation must be within 12 months of attendance at the DDP).  Click here for an observation record form .


Cost of DDP - £285.00 per delegate


The following two workshops are available for active DAFNE trained educators only:

(3) Pump conversion workshop 2017

Programme (1) - 17th May 2017 - cancelled

A new date later in the year is to be arranged - lead educators will be emailed once revised date has been agreed

Places available: 16

Click here for application form DAFNE pump conversion workshop

Please contact central DAFNE at for further information.


Cost of pump conversion workshop - £125.00 per delegate

(4) 5 week conversion on-line workshop 2017

For further information regarding the 5 x 1 on-line module, please contact central DAFNE on 0191 293 4115


Cost of 5 week conversion workshop - £90.00 per delegate

IQA (internal quality assurance) 2017

Programme (1) - 2nd February 2017, Weston Education Centre, King's College Hospital, London

One active educator within a DAFNE service must be trained in the IQA process.  The central DAFNE team will contact lead educators to advise if there is a requirement for an educator from your service to attend; this training place is offered free of charge.  However, if you require an additional educator to attend and places are available there will be a cost associated to this.  For further information please contact the central DAFNE team.  

The DAFNE educator programme (DEP), pump conversion and 5 week conversion workshops are continuous professional development (CPD) endorsed by  BDA (The Association of UK Dietitians).

The DAFNE doctor programme (DDP) is CPD endorsed by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP).

The DAFNE advisor programme is no longer provided by central DAFNE.  Existing certified DAFNE advisors can retain their status subject to on going internal quality assurance carried out within their local DAFNE service.  Documentation to support this QA process can be found free of charge to existing DAFNE centres, in the HCP password protected section of the DAFNE website under DAFNE awareness for HCPs in your service.

Larger DAFNE services may not be able to deliver sufficient courses annually to maintain all their staff as active educators.  DAFNE awareness training can be provided by local DAFNE teams to their colleagues to ensure every member of the diabetes team has the skills to support adults who have completed DAFNE training (DAFNE graduates).  All resources required for DAFNE awareness training are available free to download in the HCP password protected section of the DAFNE website under DAFNE awareness for HCPs in your service.



Last Updated: 28/04/2017