The following resources can be bought directly from DAFNE. DAFNE Centres please contact the central administration office for a resource and price list for DAFNE centres.

DAFNE Resources Price List

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DAFNE carbohydrate portion booklet

DAFNEcarbohydrate portion booklet This booklet provides the carbohydrate content of a range of common foods. The carbohydrate content values are checked and verified by DAFNE Educators. Vers… read more

DAFNE blood glucose monitoring diary

DAFNEblood glucose monitoring diary The 12 week diary enables the user to record blood glucose values, along with the amount carbohydrate consumed and units of background and quick acting in… read more

DAFNE food plate models

DAFNEfood plate models A boxed set of 30 life size high quality food plate photographs, each with a different common British meal. The reverse of each food plate photograph reveals carbohydr… read more