Diabetes can have serious health consequences and impact on your quality of life. However many of these consequences can be prevented if you receive the specialist services and standards of care that you are entitled to.

Access to a structured education course which meets nationally agreed criteria is one of the key care standards. Everyone with diabetes should be offered structured education

The DAFNE education programme provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to enable you to effectively self manage your diabetes. DAFNE is proven to:

  • improve blood glucose control, reducing the risk of developing the long term complications of diabetes
  • improve quality of life.
  • reduce the frequency of severe hypos
  • can help people regain their hypo warning signs.

If you are an adult with Type 1 diabetes and have not been offered access to this life changing DAFNE course you can download a letter, by completing the form below, to send to your GP and hospital diabetes team asking them about their plans to provide you with the structured education you are entitled to.  Please ensure you read the disclaimer below before completing the form.

DAFNE User Action Group's e-petition

Support the e-petition to the UK Government so that a nationally funded structured education programme can be established that ensures that the highest standards of education apply nationwide.  Click here for more information.


We need you to provide some information which will be used to personalise your letters - all you will then have to do is print the letter(s), sign them and send these to your Hospital Diabetes team and/or your GP.

Your GP and Hospital details will be used by Central DAFNE to help pinpoint areas across the UK which lack access to DAFNE structured education. This information may be used by the DAFNE team to promote DAFNE awareness to Healthcare professionals in these areas.

We will not retain your name and address; this information is only used to prepare your letters and will be deleted from our database immediately. If you provide an email address we will send a confirmation email thanking you for visiting the DAFNE website. We would like to retain this so that we can send you updates about DAFNE in the future. We will not share your email address with any third party. If you do not want us to retain your email address please select the box at the bottom of the form.

Please complete the information below and press the submit button to download you letter.

Last Updated: 05/04/2013

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