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DAFNE Online is an independent community of DAFNE Graduates, Health Care Professionals, Management and friends and family of those with Type 1 diabetes.  Visit the DAFNE Online Website.

Using Libre to support DAFNE graduates

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Have you been on a DAFNE course

Have you been on a DAFNE course? We want to hear the top tip that you learnt and how it’s changed your life. These top tips will help us create a resource to encourage more people living with diabetes to go on education courses!


National Diabetes Audit

Guidance for Diabetes Structured Education Providers, GP practices and Commissioners- Improving Data Recording of ATTENDANCE at Diabetes Structured Education.  


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Diabetes UK

Click here to view the Diabetes UK website.


JDRF is a type 1 diabetes charity run by people with type 1, for people with type 1.  Click here to view the JDRF website.

Last Updated: 04/12/2018