• Provide training to Healthcare Professionals in how to deliver DAFNE
  • Hold a register of all DAFNE trained Healthcare Professionals.
  • Use Research and Development to improve DAFNE Curriculum and provide alternative delivery methods.  For example, 5 week (1 day per week for 5 weeks).
  • Provision of DAFNE training of adults with Type 1 diabetes using Insulin Pump therapy.
  • Produce teaching resources and supply information and resources for patients to support learning during DAFNE course.
  • Provide centres with access to the National Clinical and Research Database for entry of audit biomedical data, pre- and post-course to enable centres to monitor outcomes and benchmark against other DAFNE services.
  • Have an active Research and Development programme to constantly improve and understand structured patient education.
  • Lobby and campaign to ensure that structured patient education for Type 1 diabetes is commissioned and provided to meet national agreed minimum standards.

Last Updated: 18/06/2019