This project is funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

This research project will enable the development of this existing web-based DAFNE audit database to include a research database which can be used to answer research questions and support prospective studies.  The research database will consist of an extensive research dataset including biomedical, psychological and health economic data, which will be collected pre course (baseline) and at annual intervals post course.

Commenced:                                       October 2008

Completion date:                                  Ongoing

Centres involved:                                  10

Recruitment commenced:                     December 2008

No recruited:                                       2391

No of baseline datasets:                       2391

No of 1 year post course data sets:       1505

No of 2 year post course data sets:        1012

No of 3 year post course data sets:        595

No of 4 year post course data sets         288

No of 5 year post course data sets          99

(The above statistics are as of 30 November 2014)


Recruitment is ongoing for 5 of the original 10 centres.

Annual (1 year) post course follow up data collection for the 2009 - 2012 cohorts is now available; 2 year data for 2009 - 2011 cohorts.

DAFNE research investigators are already making use of these data.  Presentations were made at the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference 2012 (Oral presentation A22, A53). 

DAFNE researchers are also planning and developing protocols for the further utilisation of this data to answer a range of questions regarding the impact of DAFNE.

Data will be available to investigators and researchers from both within the DAFNE programme and beyond as a resource for answering research questions.  For more information on how to access data from the DAFNE Research Database click here.  Details of data releases to date can be found on the DAFNE Research Database Data Release Log

Last Updated: 18/08/2015