Some employers allow people to have paid time off work to attend and a letter is available to explain the benefit to employers. Some have chosen to arrange annual leave for the week.

Managing diabetes already cuts a huge amount of hours out of people's working lives. Long term DAFNE may help to reduce this, as DAFNE graduates can manage their diabetes better requiring less input from healthcare professionals. Also by improving blood glucose control the risk of long term complications (and the lost working hours encountered because of this) may also be reduced.

For example, one DAFNE graduate had terrible problems with hypo unawareness for at least a couple of years prior to their DAFNE course. Despite being a very fit and athletic individual, they were in and out of A&E repeatedly with bad hypos. As a result they also missed a huge amount of time from work related to this problem.

In the 12 months following the completion of the DAFNE course this individual has not missed a single day at work.

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Last Updated: 22/07/2010