DAFNE is a package that includes not only the patient course but includes support from experienced healthcare professionals; plus the entire DAFNE programme includes lots of measures to ensure and maintain the quality of the course.

It is this entire DAFNE package that has proved to be successful in trials conducted both in Europe and here in the UK. This is not to say that other ways of delivering the DAFNE course may not be as successful as the 5-day course, however any alternative methods of delivery must be scientifically assessed before they are recommended. People need to be offered a 'tested product'.

By having the course over a week, people are able to discuss every day how they are progressing, and get all of the information in a concentrated way. It also means people can learn from each other and be more experimental with new ways, knowing it can be discussed within 24 hours.

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Last Updated: 22/07/2010