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DAFNE is a way of managing Type 1 diabetes and provides people with the skills necessary to estimate the carbohydrate in each meal and to inject the right dose of insulin.

This site contains up-to-date information on DAFNE for both people living with Type 1 diabetes, healthcare professionals and commissioners.  If you are commissioning diabetes services this brief commissioning guide may be useful click here


Results of the DAFNE Executive Board member elections - 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have accepted 5 new members to the DAFNE Executive Board to fill the DAFNE Graduate user representative positions:

  • Vincent Bowles, London
  • Andrew Cooley, Birmingham
  • Gaetan Cotton, London
  • Nigel Gaynor, London
  • Jenny Hardeman, Manchester


Congratulations to our new DAFNE Executive Board members and thank you to all who participated in the election.


The REPOSE results were published on 30 March 2017 in The BMJ.  The article can be accessed here:



Our vision is to improve outcomes for people with Type 1 diabetes through high quality structured education which is embedded in the Health Service.

We will use the DAFNE programme, including the DAFNE educator programme (DEP), DAFNE doctor programme (DDP), peer review, internal quality assurance (IQA) and audit as a framework in which to develop this patient centered model of care.

We will continue to improve and develop DAFNE through research and development (R&D) and collaboration with other groups, to understand the determinants of success.

Diabetes UK has produced a film following Bob, Sarah and Ross on their DAFNE course delivered at King’s College Hospital, London.

The aim of DAFNE is to help you to work towards your personal diabetes-related goals so you may lead as normal a life as possible, while controlling your blood glucose, hence reducing the risk of long-term complications related to diabetes.

How do I access a DAFNE course?

For further information with regards to diabetes education visit www.diabetes.org.uk/diabetes-education


The updated NICE Quality standard for adults with diabetes was published on 18 August 2016.  The standard is aimed at commissioners and sets out a concise set of prioritised statements designed to drive measurable improvements in the quality of diabetes care.  The DAFNE programme has officially supported the new standard.

Once again the quality standard emphasises the need for high quality structured education as a fundamental part of diabetes care. You can view a copy of this standard by following this link:




Last Updated: 24/08/2018


Vital Statistics

6,445 DAFNE courses have been delivered.
Resulting in 43,880 DAFNE Graduates.
Number of DAFNE courses planned for February 2018: 41

Last Updated: 15/01/2018