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DAFNE Online is an independent community of DAFNE Graduates, Health Care Professionals, Management and friends and family of those with Type 1 diabetes.
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DAFNE is a way of managing Type 1 diabetes and provides people with the skills

necessary to estimate the carbohydrate in each meal and to inject the right dose of insulin.

This site contains up-to-date information on DAFNE for both people living with Type 1 diabetes, healthcare professionals and commissioners.

Our vision is to improve outcomes for people with Type 1 diabetes through high quality structured education which is embedded in the Health Service.

We will use the DAFNE programme, including the DAFNE Educator Programme (DEP), DAFNE Doctor Programme (DDP), DAFNE Advisor Programme (DAP), Peer Review, Quality Assurance (QA) and audit as a framework in which to develop this patient centered model of care.

We will continue to improve and develop DAFNE through Research and Development (R&D) and collaboration with other groups, to understand the determinants of success.

Following the publication of the National Audit Office report on Adult Diabetes Services in England, does your Type 1 structured education programme meet the required standards? Read more

Last Updated: 26/02/2014